The Association shall be called the Northamptonshire Short Mat Bowls Association (N.S.M.B.A).


  1. a) To promote, foster and regulate the Short Mat Game in the County of Northamptonshire and encourage mutual friendship and recreation therein.

  2. b) To arrange League Matches, County Championships and County Matches.

  3. c) To endeavour to collate and bring to the attention of its members all Open Competitions which are taking place in the County of Northamptonshire and the English Short Mat Bowls Association Competitions.

  4. d) To act at all times in the best interest of its members and to resolve, where necessary, any disputes arising therein.

  5. e) The Association shall recognise the ESMBA as the governing body of the game and play to ESMBA rules.


  1. a) Affiliation to the Association shall be open to any Club within the County of Northamptonshire.

  2. b) Clubs outside the County of Northamptonshire must first receive their own County Association’s permission to approach the NSMBA; and may only obtain affiliation to Northamptonshire at the discretion of the NSMBA’s Management Committee, and subject to their own County Associations permission.

  3. c) Membership of the Association shall be open to any Person playing at a Club which is affiliated to the Association.


  1. a) Each affiliated club shall pay a Yearly subscription, which shall be determined at an Annual General Meeting. The subscriptions shall be payable to the Association on or before 31st August in each year.

  2. b) Each club shall also pay an annual registration fee for each player registered on or before 31st August in each year. All subsequently received registrations incur a small surcharge to cover administrative costs.

  3. c) Any club failing to pay the subscription shall Forfeit All Rights and Privileges of Membership until the whole of the arrears have been paid.


  1. a) A Full list of registered club players shall be forwarded to the County Membership Secretary on or before 31st August of each year, with any subsequent changes being advised as these occur.

  2. b) Only Registered Players shall be eligible to play in Association Competitions, County Matches, Leagues or any other matches organised by the Association.

  3. c) An NSMBA Member should have been registered for an NSMBA club for a minimum of one year before being eligible for selection to the County team.


The financial year of the Association shall end on 31st March each year.


a) The Association shall be conducted by a Management Committee, which will consist of: An Executive Committee and a General Committee.

b) The Executive Committee shall consist of: The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

c) A Quorum for the Executive Committee shall consist of not less than three officers.

d) The General Committee shall consist of: Ten members of the Association elected by the members of the Association.

e) The Management Committee shall have the power to set up Special Committees at any time to deal with specific matters.

The Management Committee shall appoint from within their ranks the following officers:

i) League and Knock Out Cup Co-ordinator/Organiser

ii) National Qualifier and other NSMBA run Competition Co-ordinator/Organiser

iii) County Team Manager

iv) Membership Secretary

v) Publicity Officer

also, from within their ranks or co-opted, a team captain for each County Team:

vi) Premier Team Captain

vii) “A” Team Captain

No person is allowed to hold more than one of these positions.

The holders of the above positions will each be expected to submit a report to every Committee Meeting. The holders of positions i) to v) will also submit an annual written report to the membership at the A.G.M.

f) A Quorum for Management Committee shall consist of six officers of whom a minimum of two shall be Executives.

g) At Management Committee meetings each member of the Management Committee shall have one vote, when necessary the Chairman shall have a second casting vote. A simple majority will carry the vote.

h) The Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Management Committee for the day-to-day running of Association. All decisions made by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the next Management Committee for approval and ratification.

i) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy arising among its Officers or General Committee in an acting capacity until ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

j) The Executive Committee shall have the power to submit notice of motions and make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting.

k) The Management Committee, Executive Committee and Sub-Committees shall meet as often as the business of the Association requires.

The Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman, may call a Management Committee meeting whenever circumstances warrant it. Fourteen days

written notice of any meeting shall be given by the Secretary to all those entitled to attend.

l) The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected to serve a term of two years and shall be eligible for re-election. To achieve continuity the Executive Committee will arrange for the election of a fifty percent proportion of Executive officers annually.

m) The General Committee shall be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and serve for one year. All General Committee members are eligible for re- election annually.

n) Election to the Executive or General Management Committee of the NSMBA is open to every fully paid up member of the association.

Under normal circumstances No person may be elected to the Committee of the NSMBA who is not in attendance at the AGM.


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the 30th June.

The following business shall be conducted:

i. To receive the Chairman’s written report. ii. To receive the Secretary's written report. iii. To receive the Treasurer's written report, including the fully audited accounts. iv. To receive the written report from:-

-League and Knock Out Cup Co-ordinator/Organiser -National Qualifier/NSMBA Competition Co-ordinator/Organiser

-County Team Manager

v. To receive the Membership Secretary's written report vi. To receive the Publicity Officer’s written report vii. To select the Office Bearers of the Association for the next year. To determine the annual fees for affiliation and membership. ix. To receive, discuss and vote on any motion, or amendment to the Constitution. x. To elect an auditor to act for the Association.

b) The method whereby the AGM will be called will be as follows:-

i. Written notice will be given to each Club as to when the AGM will be held,

listing those positions that are liable for election and asking for proposals


ii. All proposals from Clubs for office bearers, or Constitutional changes shall

be put in writing to the Association Secretary NOT LATER THAN THE


iii. Each club will receive a draft copy of the Accounts and stock valuation,

Nominations for the office bearers and any proposed Constitutional changes


iv. As stated in 8(a) the AGM will be held NOT LATER THAN THE LAST


c) At the AGM all members present may vote. (Voting to be by paper ballot where necessary). Changes to the Constitution shall require a majority of at least two thirds of the actual votes cast. All other voting shall be concluded by a simple majority decision. The Chairman may use a casting vote if necessary.

d) Special General Meetings may be called by the Management or Executive Committee, or on the request of at least ten clubs. The notice calling for such a meeting shall state specifically the purpose for which it has been called and No Other Business shall be transacted at that meeting. At least fourteen days written notice of the meeting shall be given by the Secretary to all those entitled to attend.


a) The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend any Club or Member in breach of these rules or if in the opinion of the Committee they bring the Game into disrepute.

b) The Executive Committee shall be the sole interpreters of these rules and decisions shall be binding, until confirmed by the Management Committee.

Decisions of the Management Committee may be appealed and, if no agreement can be reached locally, may ultimately be referred to ESMBA as the final arbiter.


All Disputes referred to the Association shall be determined by the Management Committee. The Secretary must be notified in writing about the subject of any appeal and will call a meeting of the Management Committee to settle the appeal where the Management Committee may call upon any/all involved parties as deemed necessary in order to resolve the matter. The ESMBA may be the final Arbiter in any appeal.